zenGiver Guidelines, Expectations and Code of Conduct

The zenGOT™ Platform comprises a two-sided marketplace community wherein Customers are expecting to have Services consistently and successfully completed to a certain level by experienced service providers. Even though zenGOT™ does not control how you perform your Services, we do expect you and all zenGivers to follow service criteria in alignment with industry standards and expectations to ensure the smooth running of the zenGOT Platform. You shall utilize all necessary professional skill, diligence and care to ensure that all Services are scheduled and completed to the satisfaction of the Customer. Following are guidelines for best practices when delivering Services:

  1. You shall always act with integrity and professionalism while performing Services.
  2. Always be polite and respectful with Customers and never argue with them or cause any distress to the Customer.
  3. Arrive on time for all Service bookings. In the very rare circumstance that you are running a few minutes late, you must inform the Customer immediately of any delay and your expected arrival time.
  4. Once you arrive at the Customer’s location, introduce yourself (with a smile) by stating your name and that you are a zenGiver from the zenGOT™ community and ensure you are wearing a zenGOT™ badge or pin to properly identify yourself. Ask the name of the Customer to confirm you are at the correct location of the task.
  5. Use the appropriate App feature (when the App is available for use) to communicate to zenGOT™ that you have arrived on time and are ready to begin the Services. This is important to ensure that you are paid for all your time spent on the Service and are not penalized for being late.
  6. Before beginning the task, if the Customer is there, ask the Customer to show you exactly what needs to be done. Or, if the Customer is not there, assess the environment as instructed and consented to by the Customer, and assess the job based on your previous communications with the Customer via the zenGOT™ Platform. Ensure the scope of the work, the expectations, and estimated hours required are understood between the Customer and you and assess whether you feel the Service can be completed to the satisfaction of the Customer within the time booked.
  7. If it appears that there is not sufficient time to complete the Service in the time allotted, you must notify the Customer as soon as this is apparent and either:
    1. get the Customer to advise you of their priorities to be completed in the time booked; or
    2. if you are available to stay longer, let the Customer know how much additional time you project the Service will take; if the Customer is agreeable to you staying, have the Customer agree to an extension of the time allotted by clicking on “Extend time” on their App (when it is available for use) or on the Website. You will then receive a notification through the zenGOT™ Platform showing the additional amount of time the Customer has agreed to pay for.
  8. Always get the approval of the Customer before extending the hours for any job. Ensure that you continue to communicate with the Customer about the job, as needed. In no circumstances shall you extend the time of the Service, without prior approval, and then ask the Customer to agree to pay for the additional time spent.
  9. Take care with Customer’s belongings and leave the site clean and tidy without any damage to the property. All waste must be properly removed.
  10. It is important to use the zenGOT™ Platform chat feature to note any damages that already exist regarding the Services. For example, if a couch you are moving has a rip in the fabric, message the Customer with a picture of the damage in the chat thread so there is a record of it. Also, out of courtesy, notify the Customer in person if they are there.
  11. Get the approval of the Customer or owner before using Customer’s property (for example, their cleaning supplies or equipment or tools, etc.) and always use any equipment or tools under their supervision.
  12. Use safety equipment, such as gloves, goggles, moving straps, helmets, etc., if required or applicable.
  13. It is expected that you will always strive to provide exceptional quality Services. Ensure that you complete the job to the satisfaction of the Customer as per their request in a respectable, professional manner in keeping with industry standards. Any Services you perform that fall short of this standard will be re-done by you at no cost to zenGOT™ or the Customer.
  14. zenGOT™ has the right to investigate and inspect, from time to time, any Service work performed by you to ensure that the Service is being performed in a professional manner in keeping with industry standards.
  15. Once you have completed the Service, if the Customer is there, let them know you have finished and say goodbye before leaving.
  16. As soon as you have completed the Service, click on “Service completed” on the App (when available for use) or on the Website and then rate the Customer and make any notes that might be helpful for you or another zenGiver for a future booking.
  17. Comply with relevant privacy laws and the zenGOT™ Privacy Policy in the collection, storage, and disclosure of Customer’s personal and confidential information.
  18. Comply with all applicable federal, provincial, municipal and other local laws, rules, regulations codes, and licensing requirements (if any) regarding the delivery of zenGiver Services while also complying with the zenGOT™ Privacy Policy, zenGOT™ Terms of Use Agreement and the zenGiver Service Provider Agreement.