Give the Gift Of Time

What is a zenGiver?

zen·Giv·er /zen/-/Givər/


An independent service provider who offers their services for a fee through the zenGOT™ technology platform (website and app). "A zenGiver™ provides peace of mind with the Gift Of Time."
Synonyms: reliable, professional, punctual, experienced, exceptional service

Why Become a zenGiver?

As a zenGiver™ you can run your own business providing services as a self-employed, independent contractor through the zenGOT™ technology platform (website and app). Some of the advantages of being a zenGiver™ are:

Be your own boss

Set your own hours

Find jobs you love

Set your own rates

Task insurance coverage

Make more money

Get more clients

Easy payments

Free to sign up

Customer service support

Qualities of a zenGiver

  • Exceptional Service

  • Honours their commitments

  • Punctual

  • Experienced

  • Professional

  • Reliable

  • Embodies the Core Values of the zenGOT™ community.

Core Values of zenGOT

  • People First

    We put people first with the goal of making our clients, zenGivers™ and team members happy.

  • Freedom

    We are in the freedom business and strive for peace of mind with the Gift Of Time.

  • Community

    We believe in community and sharing the wealth including wealth of experience, financial wealth, and lifestyle wealth.

  • Exceptional Service

    We are passionate about creating abundance and providing reliable, trusted and exceptional services.

  • Growth

    We are empowered to grow and prosper as an organization through innovation and productivity.

Although access to the zenGOT™ website is not yet open to the public, following is a screenshot of our Home
Page and a screen shot of our About Us page for your reference. Click on each of the pages to see more.

Home Page

About Us Page

Please note that zenGOT™ retains a booking fee for all services performed.

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